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Hybrid Headphones

MYsounds would like to welcome Snapper's Boxing Management to the MYsounds Family!



  • Go Device-less with Built in MP3 Player
  • Sync to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth
  • FM Radio

What's so special about MYsounds WIreless Headphones?

Are you ready to go Device-Less!?


Traditionally headphones have always been conductors. The music comes from your music source and is relayed to your headphones through a wire or bluetooth and Passes through to your ears. MYsounds Wireless headphones has a built-in MP3 player with a mini SD card to store your music, documents or pictures. Plug into your computer to manage your files. Say bye to the conductors, say hi to the source!


Flavors at a glance...

"Flavors" is a fun nickname that was spawn organically when reviewing product development. When referring to the many colors of the headphones we would call them flavors. "Give us an example!" Sure...Which Flavor do you like the Blueberry or the Blackberry? We have many different Flavors to choose from. The Flavors edition is our base product to hit the market. Look for MYsounds to release a smaller ear bud as well as an over the ear industrial headphone for the engineer that doesn't sleep. Here are some specs. of our current model:

Sd card (Files, documents, pictures, music)


Frequency range of receiver:76-108MHz

Sound/Noise Ratio: >90db

THD (Total harmonic distortion),1%

320mA/h rechargeable battery

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

Cut the Crap, Cut the cord.

Go Device-less!

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